February 2018

Meet our inspiring Yogi of the Month for February!

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Adele Fadel

Our Yogi of the Month for February 2018 is the beautiful Adele Fadel, who just celebrated her 90th birthday!  Adele started doing yoga about 15 years ago. Like many people, she was uncomfortable at first and she can remember being unable to do certain poses and feeling discouraged. Rather than give up, Adele kept on trying and now she says yoga is the “the best thing she ever did for herself.” Adele recommends yoga for everybody and she says that although it may be difficult or uncomfortable at first, eventually your body will love you.  Yoga has not only given her physical benefits, but Adele says it has given her confidence and a sense of belonging.  She has made a lot of friends throughout her practice and says now, “yoga is more than just a class—I’m a peace when I walk in, more than just love—it’s peace and belonging.” Adele feels amazing and she contributes that to yoga and staying active.  Join Adele at Universal Yoga and Massage Center!  Her favorite classes are Flow and Align and Mixed Level yoga.