What is Phoenix Rising Yoga?

• Assisted yoga postures with self-inquiry dialogue.
• This is a mind -body approach to wellness. 

• More about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy go to: www.pryt.com
• Sessions can be private or in a group. 

Group Class

The class also begins with a centering meditation and ends with integration but the middle of the class is different.  The middle is active yoga postures with self- inquiry questions.  This is a silent class with eyes closed.  Each class has a theme which the self-inquiry questions are based.  

Private Class

The practitioner would start with a centering meditation and ask the client what was happening internally with the breath, body and mind.  Next we would move into assisted postures, active postures or meditation.  The entire session is client led which means that what is said to the practitioner by the client is how the postures are chose.  A session may have one or many postures.  All sessions end with another meditation to help you to integrate everything that came up during the session.

Experience is, for me, the highest authority. It is to experience that I must return again and again...
— Carl Rogers


What are my core values?  How do I live in alignment with those values? 

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a way to open the door to get to know your-self through your body.  That may sound silly but what is even sillier is that we don’t know who we are or how to listen to our body.


75 minutes - 85$