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Beginner Yoga 

• Ongoing beginner level class.
• Get to know the basic yoga posture's.
• Slow, meditative pace & gentle class. 
• Great for returning to yoga & building strength
• Walk-ins welcome. 

8-week Yoga Program
• Teaches the correct alignment & modifications
• Each class builds upon the previous.
• Hands-on instruction and guided breath.
• Sign-up online; email Audrey to start

Flow & Align Yoga - Mixed-Level Yoga

This class focuses on connecting asana (poses) with breath, flowing from one asana to the other to build strength, flexibility, focus, balance and peace in the body mind and spirit. Time is taken on proper alignment for safety and strengthening. Modifications are offered so that many levels of students can participate.  

Senior Yoga

A gentle class for mature adults with focus on enhancing breathing, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility while bringing peace into the body, mind and spirit.  Class begins with a short mediation and warm-up.  

Pre-Natal Yoga

Prepare your body to give birth. This class has all of the specific modifications needed during pregnancy. You do not need to be pregnant to take this class.  Come and enjoy a class with other pregnant woman.

Spinal Unwinding Yoga

Spinal Unwinding Yoga is gentle, safe, effective movement, stretching and pain management/prevention based on a combinations of Yoga and scientific methods weaved together to unwind your body.  This class is for relaxing and strengthening the back, neck, shoulders, hips and core.  Spinal Unwinding if not intended to treat acute injuries but geared toward restoring postural alignment and reduce pain.  The Gentle Spinal Unwinding class is done completely on the floor while the regular class includes standing poses to focus on posture.  Beginners to yoga can safely take this class. 

Chair Yoga

This class is designed to reach out to people who would not be inclined to attend a "regular" yoga class.  Every class is tailored to the individuals who attend.  This class is suited to people with physical challenges or those that do not want to get down on the floor.  

Hatha Yoga 

This is an ongoing beginner level class.  Get to know the basic yoga postures at a slow and meditative pace without holding the poses for too long.  Very relaxing and stress relieving.  Great class for beginners, people returning to yoga to build up their strength or for someone who just wants a gentle yoga class.  


The purpose of Pilates training is to uniformly develop the body and mind through a specific approach to exercise while requiring mental concentration that enhances the mind-body connection.  All Pilates exercises are taught adhering to the Six Traditional Pilates Principles:  Concentration, Control, Physical Centering, Flowing Movement, Precision and Breathing.