Medical Massage: What is it?

It can be confusing to differentiate between the various types of massage therapy. Swedish, Thai, Sports, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, Myofascial, Shiatsu, the list goes on! We want to make sure that you are up to speed on the different modalities for massage therapy so you are able to find the perfect fit for what you need.

Medical massage is a type of treatment that integrates various techniques to give you the best results when dealing with an injury or ailment. It is focused on a specific outcome or goal depending on the dysfunction that is happening in your body. For example, if you are having neck pain that sometimes leads to headaches and/or tingling down one or both of your arms, Medical massage would be targeted toward that problem.  The goal of your treatment would be to relieve the neck pain and associated symptoms. 


How does that vary from any other type of massage? Medical massage is a very specific, clinical approach to massage. Your therapist will ask you lots of questions to make sure they know what muscles and soft tissues to work. This thorough assessment provides an accurate evaluation so the therapist can proceed with a detailed treatment plan.

Other types of massage tend to be more general, focusing on the entire body rather than just one specific area. In a typical Medical massage session, your therapist may only need to work on your neck if that is what's causing your pain. There is not one technique or protocol for performing Medical massage. Depending on the therapist and their level of training or area of expertise, a typical session may vary.

Medical massage is an excellent choice for those suffering from various soft tissue/muscular conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, pain associated with bulging or injured discs, low back pain, neck pain, migraines, and so many more. It is an exceptional treatment for pain relief and pain management.


So, should you book a Medical massage appointment? It is up to YOU and YOUR symptoms. If you are looking to relax, relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression then maybe you want more of a relaxation based appointment such as Swedish massage or Hot Stone. However, if you are suffering from chronic pain that is effecting the way you live your life, then Medical massage is a great option!

Some clients love the pain relieving benefits of Medical massage but also want a relaxing, full-body Swedish massage. This is still possible! Depending on the length of your treatment, your therapist will be able to spend the necessary time on those specifc areas of concern to provide you with pain relief, but will also be able to address other areas.

Always ask questions and talk to your therapist. The more information you tell them about what you want, the better they will be able to help!